Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Last day

Absolutely a gorgeous day today - why we live in Western Washington! 80 degrees, sunny, with a slight breeze - couldn't ask for better!!!! Also, it's our last day as a 3 person family and spent most of it as a two person since Dean had to work. Kind of strange getting all prepared to have the baby tomorrow. I spoke to the anesthesiologist on the phone today to discuss the plan and went yesterday to get bloodwork and was "banded" and have been forced to wear my hospital band since!!! Packing tonight and hanging with my parents as Dean watches his world cup semi-final... it all feels very surreal.

Here's a few pics from the day...

Our big "splurge" of the year occurred yesterday and arrived today in the form of a new vehicle. I would call it a car, but that's not very fitting... we have affectionately nicknamed it "The Beast". It's a Nissan Armada Platinum has ALL the bells & whistles and is by far the largest and nicest (even better than the porsche!!) vehicle we've ever owned. We're VERY excited about it, but unfortunately I will not be able to drive for the next two weeks thanks to the c-section, so I'm eagerly awaiting it!!!!

Monday, July 5, 2010

So much to do... so LITTLE time!!!

So here we are... final couple days as a three person family! I worked my official "last day" (in other words, last day of seeing patients) on Friday - woohoo!!! I needed the rest, so much chaos lately and SOOOO much left to do before Thursday!!! Trying to tie up all my loose ends at work and home and get things prepared for the little guy. Still tons to do, but at least I have 2 more days to do it in! We're headed to the car dealership today to hopefully finalize a deal and then back home for a lot more organizing. My staff has been joking that I'm "nesting" all last week because of all the last minute things I finished up. Also, if I hear one more time "there's no way you're making it until July 8th" or "are you sure you're not having twins" I'm going to scream!!! No contractions + good fetal movement = no way am I delivering early!!!! This kid is going to arrive in this world on time and drama-free damnit!!!! I think we deserve that much after last time!!!
I'm in the midst of planning Dean's 40th bday party too (can never do just one thing at once!!!) and am loving the over the hill/tombstone/grim reaper theme I've picked!!!! He thinks it's funny and hopefully we'll have good weather and good turnout!
FINAL week of World Cup this week and Dean's already starting withdrawal - only one game a day with many days of NO games - horrors!!!! At least Ian has stayed on schedule for the semi-finals and we're hoping to be home in time for the final! I have been informed that the Premier League begins Aug 18th (?) again for another 9 months... is there no end???!!!
Just a few pics from this week... don't know when I'll update this again... most likely post-Ian.

Ainsley's dinner party at our new kitchen table

Ahh... the life of a vet's kid... A actually wore this e-collar more than Zeppi! (Minor fatty tumor removal on Zeppi's side led me to bring this home for her - the neurotic licker!)

Our tax dollars put to good use... free chipping by the DNR of tons of limbs we had accumulated.

Ainsley helping Dean assemble her new playhouse

The Short Family Playground is complete in lieu of a house!!!!

39 Weeks - thank goodness for the concealing powers of black!!!! Really looking forward to having my shirts fit over my belly again!!! A showing off her belly too...

Little speeding bullet!!!

39 Weeks with Ainsley - whoa!!!! 20 lbs lighter this time. Actually gained 4 lbs in one week last week, although my midwife assures me it's water weight. Apparently I am carrying a 7 1/2 to 8 lb baby with a ton of fluid - sure hope that's the case! As much as I was looking forward to a natural birth, there is something to be said for the ease and planning allotted by a planned c-section. Not looking forward to the pain and swelling post-op, but at least this time I'll be able to be slightly pampered and recover properly.