Monday, March 28, 2011

Week 3

So, last week foundation walls were poured and waterproofing down on the cement. Next week back fill going in with framing starting the following week... we're trucking along! We've decided definatively on radiant flooring and picked the Rumsford Renaissance zero clearance fireplace. We met with a guy about masonry work and discussed details at length with our contractor. We're meeting with a custom cabinet maker tomorrow in PA and hopefully make some decisions on that front soon. Whew! That on top of super full work schedules!!!!

Dean got new soccer shoes today - the highlight of his week! He's not the only one excited -see pics below.

Ainsley has been talking more about school and seems to be looking forward to going in the fall. She also drew her first capital A the other day. At times she is so mature acting that I can't believe she's only nearly 3 and at other times decompensates into a screaming, tantrum-throwing mess!!!! On the up side, she has been much better with me lately - rarely being as rude as she was a couple months ago.

Ian is sleeping better at last!!! I am hesitant to even say that since it's only been a couple of nights, but now we're only waking once as long as he sleeps the rest of the night in our bed so he can kick me all night! A GREAT improvement to the constant up and down or hours of non-sleep of previous. I woke up this morning to a swift kick that nearly knocked me off the bed and realized I had been balanced on the edge since Ainsley, Dean, Ian, and I were all sandwiched into our bed like a can of sardines! Next bed will DEFINATELY be a KING!!!! Ian is also teething and being a trooper about it - 3 to maybe 4 on top and it looks like another one below.

My life is, as always, a juggling act. I have painfully neglected work to spend more time with the fam and am reminded of that fact daily as my list of to-do's at the office faithfully grows. We have been waiting to enter into our contract with my ex-partner to buy the building and have yet to have a response back. He did buy himself a boat that has consumed all of his time, but we are looking to close the deal so I can start to make some changes. Somewhat frustrating... I have finally weaned off the pump which has been somewhat bittersweet in that I will never breastfeed again. It was definately time though as I was only producing 3 oz a day; a sharp contrast to the 8oz every 4 hours of previous!

Here's a few pics from the week...

Our house as of Sat.
Cute kiddos...
Ian is a standing fool! All he wants to do is stand and walk!

Hmmm... like father like son...
Sunday family hike (Ainsley's holding rocks in her pockets)

Daddy's new "boots"

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 2

I have a quick moment before I'm off and running again, so thought I'd post a few pics. Busy week but due to nasty weather we had a few slow downs. Footers were poured early week and then the boards went up for the foundation walls to be poured early next week. Dean's got another burn pile to manage and we've got tons of decisions to make soon. It's been hard staying awake long enough to even see each other, let alone discuss major decisions! Ian's been a terrible sleeper lately and I've worked a lot this weekend so it's really been like 2 ships in the night.

Area on our driveway cleared by the excavator & burn pile #2
FootersPrepped for foundation walls (pic taken today)

Cute kiddos!!!

"Cleaning" the portapotty!

LOTS of mud puddles!

What Woody's head (thrown by Ainsley) did to our television :(

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Short Week

Thank goodness for our long vacation, meaning we had a short work week. Ian & I are still getting over our cold from Mexico and the poor little guy caught a stomach bug at the end of the week. Ainsley's in full blown cold world now too. Luckily Dean's well!!!

It's been a nasty rainy weather week, which shortened the site work being done by a day or so. Still, we're moving along - laterals in, foundation dug, site cleared. I think the plan is cement starting next week provided we have good enough weather. Dean's busy digging up our lavender so it doesn't get destroyed, digging up nasty scotch broom, and burning our slash/burn pile that's collected over the week. It's another rainy day, so good for burning for him and good for coloring and watching movies for us sickies.

Here's a few pics of our progress...

Ainsley thinks the "diggers" are "awesome"!!!

This is the new rock at the end of our driveway. With all the heavy equipment on site, we had them move some rocks around for us.

Rock again...
Dean's burn pile

New laterals for septic

Happy kiddos pre-illnesses :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It begins...

So it's been forever since I wrote but thought I'd try to write more frequently now (cuz I have so much more time ha ha ha!).

Since my last post, Ian was born - healthy and happy at 9lbs 9oz and 20 inches. He continues to be happy and healthy and large - weighing in at 18 - 19 lbs at 8 months! He's very smiley most of the time and pretty mellow although he's not a good sleeper like Ainsley always was and continues to be. Ainsley's doing great - nearly 3 and definately very independent. She's a fabulous dancer and pretty outgoing. We recently ended our music classes to start gymnastics and she's a natural - trampoline is definately the favorite. We're planning on ballet once she's old enough and, it goes without saying, soccer! Dean's busy with work and year-round soccer. I've been busy at work and am in the process of buying the building my clinic is housed in.

But our BIG NEWS is that we were FINALLY approved to build our house! We were supposed to start work last week whilst we were in Mexico, but due to a large snowfall they couldn't start until yesterday. They've re-routed our septic system and started digging for the additional laterals and today will be starting to dig out our foundation. It's all happening!

Days 1 & 2 Construction

Lovely Children...

Hotel Riu at Emerald Bay in Mazatlan