Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Weeks 11, 12, & part of 13

Whoa... didn't realize I'd allowed so much time to pass since my last post! Quickie synopsis of the last couple weeks - working, making house decisions, dealing with the ridiculous rain (at least during the week!), SO looking forward to moving into our house!!!! Memorial Day weekend Dean had 5 days off & I had 4 so that was relaxing. Karen (Dean's BFF from Memphis) visited Friday, Erika visited Saturday and Sunday, and we had the Williamson's over Sunday evening. This last weekend Dean & I went to a Seattle Children's Hospital Wine Gala & Auction (fundraiser) which was fun and fulfilling. Sunday we had a massive kid's bday party with a group of our friends. We had done it last year - since so many of our children were born within a couple months of each other and to eliminate the need to buy so many gifts and organize so many parties, we draw names and get together to eat, play, exchange gifts, have cake, etc. Great fun! Tuesday may parents visited between trips - off to GR tomorrow. They'll be back in a couple weeks and be settled here for the next couple months - can't wait!
House stuff... our 800 lb fireplace was finally installed, basement steps completed, decks worked on, roofing put on, electrical is nearly done, alarm system in place, plumbing done, propane tank dug in, circle driveway cleared and graveled, septic laterals completed and covered, and we've finally decided FOR SURE (this time) on tigerwood floors!!!!!
Bunch of pics... too tired to do more... will do more later...

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