Saturday, August 13, 2011

Weeks 17, 18, 19, 20, 21

Oh, how time flies! So much has happened over the last month it's almost hard to remember.
We had a great weekend over the 4th - both Dean & I had a four day weekend and it was very relaxing. We spent the actual 4th at the cabin in Brinnon and had great weather and a lot of fun.
Painting nails with Auntie Erika
The dudettes!
Ian did NOT enjoy his first boat ride!

Ready to go to the cabin
At 7am on July 5th I got a call from the office "Did you know we had a fire?" Needless to say I was out the door in a couple minutes! At 3am two of the fluorescent light ballast's wiring in the attic of the clinic's food room started a small fire. It spread through that section of the attic and dropped through a ceiling tile (I had lazily left it open since I was doing some wiring work - lucky!!!) into my office and started a box of journals on fire. The smoke from this set off the motion detectors and the alarm company called in the police and fire depts. They had tried to call us and had left several messages but Dean & I are in the habit of muting the phone when we are not on call - never again - so we didn't get them. Luckily, very little structural damage occurred, but the fire chief told me had the fire not dropped down the whole place would have been destroyed. We ended up with moderate smoke and water damage and thanks to our insurance, we got some new drywall, paint job, and new floors will be installed throughout next week. Lucky too was the fact no animals were exposed. A week later we had a second small fire - water had leaked into a light bulb and burned it in the socket. The fire department has about a 5 minute response time to our clinic now!!!
A few pics of the fire damage...

The day after the fire I backed into one of my employees cars and dented both of them - arghh. Dean had major computer issues at work that whole week as well. Ian took his first unassisted steps 2 days before his first birthday and is now practically running! Especially when he's headed somewhere he's not supposed to be going and you're chasing him down, he can certainly kick it into high gear! His birthday passed without much celebration as it was a Friday and we were still trying to recover from the craziness. We celebrated with Grandma and Grandpa on that Sunday.
Ian's actual birthday... Dean dressed the kids as England soccer nuts!

Ian's first cupcake (carrot cake)! Needless to say, he destroyed it! No problem with our kids eating!

Pooh bear - thought it resembled him best and he loves him! They sleep together every night.
Turned around for one minute and Ian climbed up on the shelf! He was very proud of himself! The chair he used to get up there has since found residence in our garage!

On the house front, things slowed to a snail's pace. Doors were hung, trim nearly finished, dry wall primed, cabinets in (minus the doors), front and back stairs completed (nearly) and then work stopped. Last week tile was started and yesterday our tigerwood was laid out mostly. Now the wood has to sit on the floors for 2 weeks before installation to allow the wood to expand and contract and hopefully prevent that from happening once it's actually in place. Tile is to be finished next week and our countertops go in Monday. We were given a finish date of August 31st last month and now it's looking more like end of September/beginning of October. At least there's a light at the end of the tunnel!
Doors to the library
Kid's bath - blue marmoleum
Dean and I spent a relaxing weekend in Victoria with our friends Shannon and Ryan (parents of Ainsley's bestie Payton and 7 month old Kendall which we've planned to be Ian's wife - haha!). Mom and Dad watched the kids and it was great to get away, especially with beautiful weather. We rode scooters all over the city and then up the coast to a winery where we ate lunch.
The Rain Shadows gang!
Tea party with Grandma and Grandpa

Treasure hunt with Payton resulting in blue raspberry ring pops and blue lips!

Planning their route
Our favorite "mobster" outfit!
Singing with Grandma
New tile from laundry room over top of stairs to our current place - looks like it's always been there!

Backsplash tile for kid's bath
Our shower
slate bathroom floor

Very prod of himself crawling into Ainsley's bed on his own!
Front door
Tigerwood floors

Dean's big b-day present - for the "man cave"!

Our garage stall - Dean now parks in the driveway!
House as of this am
The boys watching the first game of the 2011-12 English Primier League. It begins again! Did it ever end???
News for the next couple weeks... Dean is headed to Portland for the week starting Monday for a board review class. He'll be back for the weekend and then off to Seattle Monday the 22nd to take his boards Tuesday. It'll be a long 10 days for both of us. After next week my office shoould be done so I will stop living AND working in a construction zone! No plans for the Labor Day weekend - we had planned on moving in! Mom and Dad leave Sept 17th, Dean's folks are visitng the first week of Oct and Lynsey, Jim, and the boys will be here the third week of Oct. We're hoping that we'll be living in the house by then!!!!!

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