Sunday, March 21, 2010

The Story of Us in 2010

We started this year with a lot of expectations and so far, they are becoming reality! The two biggest changes this year are the birth of our son in early July and building our dream house. So far, so good on the pregnancy front - seems like another active and healthy child. Ainsley is eagerly awaiting a brother (at least until she realizes he's here to stay and takes away some of Daddy's attention :). We just met with our contractor to go over the final numbers for our house plans and it's looking like a go!!! We will have to cut out a few things and not finish the basement right off, but all in all we should be starting the construction process over the next month. He also gave us a quote that from ground breaking to completion should only run about 4 months!!!! Which, if we didn't start until May, would put us finishing in August - wooo hooo!!! Perfect timing with the little one AND my parents will still be around to help us move - ha ha!!! We aren't counting on it definatively, really anytime before Christmas would be acceptable.

And speaking of Christmas, if we can work it with everyone else, I believe we'll be traveling to Calgary to spend it with the Short's. Guaranteed a "white Christmas" there!!! It'll be my first visit to Calgary since 1998 when Dean and I first started dating!!! Hard to believe it's been that long! Plus, it'll be a way to introduce the new little guy to the rest of his North American family, since my parents and sister will be around for his birth.

That's the plan for now... Dean's on his way to Memphis to visit Karen and Emmett right now and will be gone through Thursday. Meanwhile, I have a lot of work to do besides my regular work and Ainsley! I need to get the engineering work started on the architectural plans, get the permits filed, and get the final numbers from the bank secured - yikes!!! The big push for all of this is getting the permit filed, since come April 1st the permit office is raising the rates 30%. So we're off and running!

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