Saturday, April 3, 2010

April with a bang!

So... I'm not the best blogger out there! When does anyone have the time???

Since last time we are continuing to move forward in our efforts to build. We managed to get our permit submitted in time, engineering finished, and pre-approval by the bank all by April 1st! Now we're in a holding pattern until the permit is approved and appraisal of our property and proposed structure can be done by the bank. Then, if the numbers come in right, it's full steam ahead!!!

Little Chumlito is continuing to grow and kicking like crazy - Dean says "like the Premier League player he will one day be"!!! After my appointment this last week, we now officially have a birth date - July 8, 2010 at 7:30am. That is, provided I don't go into labor early. Fortunately, Dr. Bauman will also be repairing my umbilical hernia at the time of surgery. It's just too bad I couldn't get it done now, since during a pregnancy is the only time it really bothers me! AND, this will be my last (at least that's the plan for now :).

Dean started the spring soccer season last Sunday with his team, Everwarm. They beat Bella Italia (usual rival) 6-3 in nasty, cold, rainy weather. A satisfying defeat, however, Bella was missing several of their key players. Ainsley and I braved the weather in boots and raincoats to watch the game. I had brought toys and food as diversions in case she grew bored, all of which was completely unnecessary. She was absolutely transfixed by the game, although she did manage to eat a goodly amount of cheddar bunnies! She kept pointing out "Daddy" and talking about "soccer" in awed tones - very funny! Depending on the weather for the rest of the season, we may end up going to most of the games. When Dean got back from Memphis last week, Ainsley just looked at him and said "Soccer?", like he had been gone 5 days at a soccer game!!!!

On the work front, things remain busy and lucrative at my office. However, I got the news last Friday after a harrowing day, that my associate has taken a position elsewhere and is leaving in 30 days. Needless to say, the burden of stress has only increased. Where before I had been starting to interview for a 3rd vet, now I am desperately seeking TWO! And, thanks to her timing, I have missed many of the advertising deadlines for journals, etc. until at least June or July. For now, it looks like I'll be working by myself for both the months of May and June, which means no Tuesdays off and probably closing Saturdays. I am currently interviewing a great prospect (another Heather!!!) over the next few days, who if everything works out, could start as early as August. Here's hoping!!!! Another new grad is on her way from CA at the end of the month and then my leads dry up. Also, I have to start interviewing relief vets to help Brian (former partner) during my maternity leave. I was hoping for 6 weeks off, but now it looks like it will definately be only 4 weeks... sigh.

Now that it's 2am and I have sufficiently distracted myself from the nightmare I was having where Ainsley got hit by a car (WHY such terrible nightmares lately???), I need to head back to bed. Tomorrow after working the morning, we have an Easter party and then are slated to meet up with Heather the vet and her husband for some get-to-know-you time and dinner. Never a free moment it seems... maybe that's why I'm in bed at 8pm nightly!

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