Saturday, May 8, 2010

Bad week

So, we're done, at least for the rest of the year, in our attempt to build. Every mortgage broker we've talked to has basically laughed at the idea of obtaining a jumbo construction loan right now - no one is doing it. We're hoping to have enough paid off and saved up by the beginning of next year to start as soon as the ground thaws. We are considering getting the septic system moved and finished this summer so that's one less thing to do later and then we could start prepping the area where we want the circular part of the driveway to be. We keep coming up with new reasons as to why this is a good thing, however, I think we're just trying to rationalize in a poor attempt to conceal our disappointment. I had really wanted a house prior to having one baby, let alone two! And all of us in the one bedroom - yikes!

I keep thinking work cannot get busier and I am continually wrong. This week has been beyond stressful, I've had major trouble sleeping (thus this post at 3:45am) and I actually worked for 15 hours today. If things don't improve, I may need to hire my relief vet for 2 days a week instead of just one. Especially since these last 2 months of pregnancy I'm supposed to be taking it easier - I'm sure I'll get a lecture next dr. visit. At least on that front, everything is ticking along well. No excessive weight gain (yeah!!) and my blood pressure has managed to stay low normal throughout.

Ainsley has definately hit the two year old mark. It's only one week after her birthday and it's almost like we traded in our sweet little girl for a belligerent one! Yelling no about everything, wanting the opposite of what you say (ie. "Would you like some water, Ainsley?" "NOOOO!!!" take the glass away and then she screams "Water!!!" and has a melt down), and the biggie - not listening AT ALL. Dean was about at his wits end tonight trying to take her to the mexican restaurant by himself - looks like our eating out days are over. She has been spending more time in the corner lately, although we've really started to see the counting work at home. We get to one or two a lot of times and she says "ok" and then redirects herself which is great. The hard part is in public, ie. melt down in the bank over leaving when I'm trying to chase her down - embarassing!!!! The count doesn't seem to work in public - I'll have to re-read that section of the book again.

All in all, pretty horrific week, and not even over yet since I'm on call until Monday. I also have TONS of work left to do and Dean needs to help me assemble my office's new filing shelves and set up our new computers. We tried Tuesday night to get some work done with Ainsley around and it ended in Dean getting a small amount done and me chasing A around keeping her out of the sharps containers, pill bottles, dog food, cat litter, laundry powdered soap, etc. I even tried the movie "Annie" - singing, dancing kids should have totally held her attention, right? Briefly, then she was off. With Irrigation Festival this weekend, we're hoping to poop her out at the carnival and parade tomorrow am so she'll sleep while we work tomorrow afternoon - probably wishful thinking.

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