Sunday, May 23, 2010

Back on the rollercoaster...

Another crazy week - should I really expect anything less??!!! However, the on call portion of it adds significantly - only 2 more weeks of call left until maternity leave - woohoo!!!!
33 weeks pregnant as of yesterday and still managing to keep my weight gain on the low side (compared to last time). 30 lbs vs. 42 lbs., so not bad... Blood pressure staying nice and low (somehow!!!) but have developed some of the other joys of pregnancy I did not experience last time, ie. heart murmur, occasional urinary incontinence, and heartburn. What fun!!! I did discuss the possibility of a VBAC with my midwife and managed to squeak out a letter which I'll be sending this week to the CEO and others of Olympic Medical Center requesting permission to attempt a VBAC. I seriously doubt anything will come of it, but it's worth a shot at least.
33 Weeks with A:
So... interesting thing. We got a call Thursday from the VP at one of our local banks wanting to see if we wanted to make something happen on our loan. This is the same person that only a week ago said they were only loaning 50% for jumbo construction loans and now she said they wanted to make some sort of deal since we were "good candidates". Hmmm... a little strange, but I brought the plans over Friday, so we'll see what comes of it. Right now we're both so pessimistic about the whole thing, we're thinking definately not. Plus, we have kind of got used to the idea of having more time to plan everything and not having to make lots of trips to Seattle right now. Hopefully we'll find something out this week.

My parents (GranBear & Grandpa) just got into town today and are here for 4 whole months - yay!!! We're looking forward to seeing them and spending the day together on Tuesday.

Ainsley's doing great - I feel like I've barely seen her this week. Luckily, the three of us were able to spend the whole day together today - we did some shopping, playing at the park, out to lunch at the Oak Table, and then a nice nap and dinner at home. Overall, a much needed, relaxed day with only one call that required a little time at the clinic. A few pics from this week...

A witnessed Mommy placing an IV catheter in a cat this week and so she was fixing Morrison up...
Hiding for Hide 'n Go Seek...

Favorite Foods (spinach pasta, corn, and cookies!)

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