Sunday, April 10, 2011

Week 5

Busy week and LOTS of house changes... we have walls!!! Framing started Monday and the basement level is nearly complete. It was so fun on Thursday climbing up to the platform where our main floor will be and looking out. Our next delivery of wood came in on Friday so we should have main floor work starting this coming week. We ordered our fireplace this week and they started to frame in the box for it. It won't go in until after framing is complete but it was fun to picture it. We are STILL deciding about flooring (UGH!) and met with the company that will work out a security system plan. Today (if we can drag Ainsley away from her train set) we're headed to Dell's (our builder - Ainsley sings "Dell the Builder Yes He Can!" whenever we see him - a takeoff of Bob the Builder) to look at 6 pallets of stone. He had it leftover from a previous job and it was the most expensive stone at the store. He's offered to sell it to us for cheap so we can use it for our fireplace and stonework outside AND he can get it off his property! Good deal for us both provided we like it (which we think we do based on the few pieces we've seen). The kiddos have been sick with a nasty cold bug all week - continuous low grade fevers of 100, snotty nose, and a bone-rattling cough. Dean & I have been downing the Airborne but yesterday he started to feel a little puny and after 2 1/2 hours up with Ian last night, I'm feeling a little under the weather today too. Thursday & Friday had such beautiful weather it really made me yearn for summer - hopefully it will be a nice one this year. Dean starts soccer today with their games to be played on the brand new turf field at the Peninsula Community College. Ainsley's been asked to join a soccer team in the fall - AYSO U-6 - coached by a friend of ours. She's very excited to play soccer like Daddy. I'm sure we'll be practicing a lot this summer. They're only 8 minute quarters so not a long time to stay focused. We're hoping gymnastics will start again soon and Ian may start into Kindermusik in the fall since there will be enough kids. We're looking at dance classes since A loves to dance, but we'll see how that goes. Pics from the week... Last Sunday's burn...

What was left after the burn - yay!


Wednesday... yes, that's snow! Luckily, it melted Thursday.



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