Tuesday, June 1, 2010

FOUR day weekend!!!

Yes, you read that right, we actually had a four day weekend over Memorial Day!!!! Although the weather has not really cooperated, the time off has been a huge relief and welcome respite. We kicked off the weekend with super late Friday nights of work - me finishing about 7:30pm and Dean getting home sometime after 10pm. Saturday we headed out to Brinnon where we toured the Brinnon Shrimp Festival. For a very small town, it had quite the turnout. Beyond the highlighted belt sander race, they had the "European Super Slide" ($3 a slide or $7 for 3 slides - HIGHLY overpriced and overrated but A LOVED it!!! And what the heck does European have to do with anything???),
a bouncy house (a little too crazy for our taste - maybe when A's a little older), and a pony ride - again, a fave.
Spending the day and night with Grandma & Grandpa was great too - love the fact Grandma has so many wonderful books and songs and toys!!!!
After A went down, we played 13 rounds of Mexican domino train - tons of fun and Dean beat out mom by just a few points (Dad & I were decidedly much worse!). Sunday morning after a brief stop for a delicious breakfast at the Timber House in Quilcene and a quick jaunt on the very windy Quilcene marina beach, we headed home for a relaxing afternoon - much of it spent asleep after a poor night of sleep at the cabin. Monday we decided that Dean is definately nesting as we managed to organize our very messy medicine closet by 8am! We then spent some quality time at the park with Shannon & Payton where the sun actually came out for a good hour!!! Today has been made up of primarily appointments this am, but we're enjoying another relaxing afternoon and evening here at home.
Looks like "jazz hands"!!!!!

On the pregnancy front, little chumlito is head down and we're just waiting to see how my efforts for a VBAC pan out. 5 weeks from Thursday is C date otherwise - feels like I'm counting down the minutes!

We looked at the Toyota 4 Runner today and have decided we like the interior/exterior design much better than the Pilot, so we'll be working on that project as soon as we hear our final offer from the bank. The more Dean & I have discussed it, the better waiting is sounding. Just the idea of multiple trips to Seattle alone is a HUGE turnoff right now - I was uncomfortable enough in the car to & from Brinnon. And who knows, maybe we're looking more at the fall than next January as it is. Hoping to know more, irregardless of what we decide, over the next week or two...

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