Monday, June 21, 2010

Father's Day Weekend

A few cute pics from the week...

Pre-playset play...

We spent a nice quiet weekend at home over Father's Day. The weather Saturday was partly cloudy but warm, whereas Sunday was nasty - foggy, on and off sprinkles and about 55 degrees. My parents spent the day with us on Saturday and it primarily consisted of Dad & Dean (aka. J&D Construction; formerly J&D Moving/Packing/etc.) constructing Ainsley's new slide & swingset - affectionately known by us as "The Taj Mahal of Play Equipment"!!! And what a project it turned out to be!!! J&D spent 10 hours on it Sat,

Dean another 8 on Sunday,

and FINALLY finished it tonight - whew!!!
And only one leftover piece (determined by Dean to be non-important)!!! Ainsley LOVES it of course, but is a little timid of the slide since it's pretty steep and fast and she hits the ground flying. We catch her at the bottom right now until we can figure out something to pad it. The sand box is in place and the playhouse will be here Saturday and then the Short Playground will officially be open for business. We decided as long as it's looking less likely we're building (still waiting on word from the bank), we needed to expand our "play area" as we're getting more and more cramped inside. Here's hoping to good weather this summer so we can spend LOTS of time outside this summer!

Work is finally becoming more manageable - I've started taking a half day on Mondays plus my day off on Tuesday and it's helped immensely. Plus my staff have started to schedule lighter which has also made a difference. Only 2 weeks of work left - hard to believe, really. Not that I won't be working at all, still have to be involved behind the scenes, just not seeing patients for 7 whole weeks!

I hit the 37 week mark on Saturday and am definately feeling it. Into the home stretch and uncomfortable, though I remember it worse last time. Maybe I just don't have the luxury of sitting around and thinking about it this time!!! Especially not with a little Boo constantly asking - "What doing Mommy? Why, Mommy?" etc. Still have managed to keep the weight down (approx. 30 lbs less than last time - woohoo!) and am not suffering the cankles and lower leg edema like before.
38 weeks before...
Maybe I'll actually take it off faster than 1 1/2 years this time too!!! I'm hoping to be bathingsuit ready by March actually, as we are considering a family trip to Mexico with my best friend Catherine and her family. Plus, would love to do the Danskin Tri annually since I had so much fun the last time (minus the swim). This year is impossible as it falls 4 weeks after my c-section. Oh, and on the VBAC front, as suspected, a no go. I got the phone call Friday from the Chief Medical Officer at the hospital who personally believes in VBAC's but hospital policy and insurance will not allow it. If I was gung ho for it I could go live in Seattle until I go into labor, but that's NOT going to happen. And I'm most certainly not waiting to drive there until I start laboring, especially after last time. So unless I go into labor early (which they've got bets on at my office!), little Ian Parker Short will be born around 7:30am on July 8, 2010. Weird to know the date and time!!!! Also, a little bit of a hard pill to swallow - the whole idea of not truly experiencing childbirth. Ah, c'est la vie.

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