Saturday, June 12, 2010

Joint Birthday Party

On our one beautiful day last weekend (luckily!), we celebrated Ainsley's birthday along with 6 other kids. All of the kids are between 1 - 4 (most are 2) and their birthdays all fall between April and July, so we decided instead of attending 7 individual birthday parties and getting 6 different gifts, let's draw names and have a big party with all the kids at once sometime in the middle. It worked great and everyone had a fab time!!! We went to the Olympic Game Farm (local drive-through zoo) and had the gift exchange and paparazzi-esque photo session. One of the moms (so creative!) made little t-shirts for all the kids with their birthday number on it.

Next it was off to drive the farm where you can see all the caged animals, but then others roam free and nearly attack the cars to get slices of bread you can feed them. The yaks, fallow deer, and buffalo are very forward literally putting their heads into your car windows!!!

Fun, but a little scary for the kids! Especially the rambunctious buffalo that was literally jogging alongside our car and shoving his entire huge head into the window!!! Unfortunately, since I was just trying to keep bread in his mouth and keep Ainsley from getting too scared and avoiding being licked myself - no pics of him. After the farm we headed over to one of the family's house for a potluck and cake and most importantly, swingset time!!!! All in all a great day... might make the joint party a tradition!!!

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