Saturday, March 12, 2011

Short Week

Thank goodness for our long vacation, meaning we had a short work week. Ian & I are still getting over our cold from Mexico and the poor little guy caught a stomach bug at the end of the week. Ainsley's in full blown cold world now too. Luckily Dean's well!!!

It's been a nasty rainy weather week, which shortened the site work being done by a day or so. Still, we're moving along - laterals in, foundation dug, site cleared. I think the plan is cement starting next week provided we have good enough weather. Dean's busy digging up our lavender so it doesn't get destroyed, digging up nasty scotch broom, and burning our slash/burn pile that's collected over the week. It's another rainy day, so good for burning for him and good for coloring and watching movies for us sickies.

Here's a few pics of our progress...

Ainsley thinks the "diggers" are "awesome"!!!

This is the new rock at the end of our driveway. With all the heavy equipment on site, we had them move some rocks around for us.

Rock again...
Dean's burn pile

New laterals for septic

Happy kiddos pre-illnesses :)

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