Tuesday, March 8, 2011

It begins...

So it's been forever since I wrote but thought I'd try to write more frequently now (cuz I have so much more time ha ha ha!).

Since my last post, Ian was born - healthy and happy at 9lbs 9oz and 20 inches. He continues to be happy and healthy and large - weighing in at 18 - 19 lbs at 8 months! He's very smiley most of the time and pretty mellow although he's not a good sleeper like Ainsley always was and continues to be. Ainsley's doing great - nearly 3 and definately very independent. She's a fabulous dancer and pretty outgoing. We recently ended our music classes to start gymnastics and she's a natural - trampoline is definately the favorite. We're planning on ballet once she's old enough and, it goes without saying, soccer! Dean's busy with work and year-round soccer. I've been busy at work and am in the process of buying the building my clinic is housed in.

But our BIG NEWS is that we were FINALLY approved to build our house! We were supposed to start work last week whilst we were in Mexico, but due to a large snowfall they couldn't start until yesterday. They've re-routed our septic system and started digging for the additional laterals and today will be starting to dig out our foundation. It's all happening!

Days 1 & 2 Construction

Lovely Children...

Hotel Riu at Emerald Bay in Mazatlan

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