Sunday, March 20, 2011

Week 2

I have a quick moment before I'm off and running again, so thought I'd post a few pics. Busy week but due to nasty weather we had a few slow downs. Footers were poured early week and then the boards went up for the foundation walls to be poured early next week. Dean's got another burn pile to manage and we've got tons of decisions to make soon. It's been hard staying awake long enough to even see each other, let alone discuss major decisions! Ian's been a terrible sleeper lately and I've worked a lot this weekend so it's really been like 2 ships in the night.

Area on our driveway cleared by the excavator & burn pile #2
FootersPrepped for foundation walls (pic taken today)

Cute kiddos!!!

"Cleaning" the portapotty!

LOTS of mud puddles!

What Woody's head (thrown by Ainsley) did to our television :(

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