Sunday, May 22, 2011

Week 10

So, for some reason this isn't letting me move my words - so short of throwing my computer out the window I am going to post and walk away!!! Everything about the week is at the end...
Ian's first bandaid
Trampoline fun

"You start us Mom." Ready, Set, Go!

With windowsHearth

Basement showerHardiplank on side of house

Peeking out the window
Current pic - today
Thinking these two colors for exterior house and accent (stone below)

What a beautiful week we had, and how nasty the weekend has turned out - so frustrating! At least we had our Tuesday together. And with it staying lighter later we were able to enjoy some time outside with the kiddos after work too. House work is plodding along - the wall connecting our current building to the new house (the final wall in Ainsley's bedroom) was built, our windows were put in, the roof was prepped for shingles, and they started putting up the Hardiplank on the outside. Our hearth was built in preparation for the fireplace being installed - maybe tomorrow. The radiant for the main floor is complete and they started on the second floor. And most of our plumbing is in. They'll transfer us to our tankless, on-demand hot water heater and remove our current beast as soon as the propane tank has been installed. We added a circulating pump to the heater so the hot water is circulating in the pipes at all times and you always have it the second you turn on the water - yay!!! It'll also be true of our current location which is nice. And I will be taking our old water heater to my office to use there since my heater there is 19 years old and on the verge of kaput!
Dean & I dropped the kids off with Kelli yesterday for a couple hours and went to Sears with a listful of things to buy - fun times! We ended up getting 45% off all our appliances and 1% cash back which basically gave us our microwave for free! Such a good deal that we ended up buying a new television for the house and a riding lawnmower! These are the things we got:
Ainsley's doing well - LOVES her big trampoline! She wakes up in the morning asking to go on it and never wants to get off. She got to play with Payton yesterday and it was the highlight of her week.
Ian likes the trampoline too, although it's tiring on the arms to hold him on it! His new fave though, is definately the play kitchen - he will literally spend hours opening and closing things and taking dishes out and banging them around. He's started clucking his tongue this week and thinks it especially funny when you do it back to him. He's really such a happy chappy and pretty easy going.
Today, another rainy day, we're headed into PA for the Duck Derby race - thousands of rubber duckies coursing a 100 yard section of water. I'll post pics afterwards - pretty neat to see. That is provided Dean finishes watching the Day of Reckoning for the relegation fight in the EPL - currently Blackpool fighting to stay up.

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