Sunday, May 15, 2011

Week 9

It's been very rainy this week, so it doesn't feel like a lot has happened with the house. Our new move-in date is August thanks to the weather and the additional work finishing the basement. At least money is not as concerning as it was... even though we're well over our budget from the bank, we've been stocking away every little penny and it's adding up! So new decisions this week include: circulating, on-demand water heater; 500 gallon buried propane tank; and a skylight above the entry instead of a dormor. We are waiting on quotes to make decisions on: whether or not to have the circular driveway put in, bookshelves built in library, and custom built-in's in closets. The work on the house this week consists of the roof being put on, a temporarily framed front porch and stairs, and the plumber starting his work. The plumber (Prima donna #1) showed up on Tuesday and told our framer that he wouldn't work without stairs (we had been entering via a ladder) and they needed to drop everything and build him stairs immediately. Needless to say, that didn't go over very well and the plumber ended up leaving. The framers conceded and built him temporary stairs Wednesday. So Friday he shows up with his dog, drops the dog off on the driveway and leaves! I'm trying to load the kids in the car and this little dog keeps trying to come into the garage and eat the cat poop! Our contractor had a little talk with him, so we'll see how he is next week.

Dean and I both worked on Tuesday this week which made for a very long week (10 days in a row for me come Friday). Friday evening Dean went with a friend to Seattle to a concert (System of a Down - he didn't even know who they were - just wanted to go to a concert!). Ainsley, Ian, and I met up with friends at the Sequim Irrigation Festival carnival. Great fun for Ainsley! Her and her buddy Payton had such fun together that she cried the whole way home saying "No Payton, don't go Payton". I'm afraid a little of me has worn off on her though. The first thing she saw from the parking lot was the 3 story pink slide and kept wanting to go on it. Finally we made it there, I got to the top with her and then she dug in her heels and would not go down! She also screamed "Mommy, I'm scared, Mommy, Mommy" the whole gator mini-rollercoaster ride and hung on to a big girl for dear life on the spinning strawberry ride. Esp the rollercoaster, just broke my heart hearing her scream like that. But then she rides on the carousel, the hot air balloon, and the car rides and is laughing and happy!!! At least those went well!

Dean & I bought a 12' trampoline earlier in the week when we were looking at appliances online (Deal of the Day on We put it together yesterday admist brief bouts of pouring rain and then finally came inside. I am the only one who has tested it out as it has poured ALL DAY today. We have to put the safety netting up next - maybe Tuesday.

Tomorrow Dean and I start P90X fitness program together. We had started it 1 1/2 weeks ago, but my crazy call schedule and our work schedules got in the way. We'll see how it goes, but the only time we have to exercise is after the kids are asleep, so we'll be finishing up at like 11pm - yuck! We'll see how the next 90 days go!

A few pics...
Front deck (real stairs will be in front)

Kid's and basement showers

Where skylight will be

Now that we have stairs the dogs have been able to explore their new home!

Ian traversing the trampoline rim

Maiden jump

This area under the deck will be hardiplanked in and a door will be on the side where the temporary stairs are so we can use it for storage. Perfect for kayaks!!! We'll backfill in as high as we can and then have a few stairs coming off the front down to a landing, a path winding down to the circular drive and stairs to the side down to the slab. Hard to picture, I know, we even have a hard time of it!!!!

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