Sunday, May 8, 2011

Weeks 7 & 8

So it's been a couple weeks and we've been running crazy! I've been on call the last 2 weeks and it's been insane - last weekend I was home for a total of 8 hours from 7am Sat until 8pm Sun! And 5 of those hours were sleeping!!! Sat was working and Sun had to go to Seattle for a continuing education class. This weekend I spent Sat from 7:30am to 8:30pm at the clinic (8 emergencies!) and then several hours this morning too. I'm exhausted and poor Dean has had 2 long weekends with the kiddos. And both of us have to work Tuesday, so long week ahead...

Lots of progress on the homefront - roof trusses are up, front deck is started, basement cement has been poured. Roof goes up this week, plumbing starts tomorrow. We are starting to get really excited!!! Every time we walk through the house we plan and dream about how much SPACE we will have and the idea of separate bedrooms is almost a reality!!!! We spent a couple hours at Home Depot today (and last week) looking at appliances and paint colors (Ainsley picked out 20 shades of pinks that are her "favorite"!).

Ainsley's birthday was April 28th and despite it being a workday we had a great evening with her. Everything she does is in three's now because "I'm big, I'm three". The big hit of the night (aside from the sparkle hat from Nan & Grandy and the cowboy boots from Grandma & Grandpa) was the dollhouse. The only prob is the little brother - he loves it too and tends to pull out the pieces and put them in his mouth - not appreciated! It will definately be in her room, but for now it gets pulled down once Ian is occupied elsewhere. The scooter was also a fave. We visited Ainsley's preschool April 26th and loved it! Besides lots of hands-on learning, she'll have music/dance classes, art classes, and even horse-riding every other week!

Ian is a big fan lately of the kitchen - both ours and the play one. He has learned to open cabinets and drawers and loves the play kitchen, especially the phone. He has also started being interested in books - we're breaking out the oldies and Ainsley tends to get a little possessive of her books. We had a talk with our cabinet makers to put together a quote for the bookshelves for the library/office, so we'll see if that will be something we can do now or will have to wait for it. Ainsley has already picked where she wants her bookshelves to be and then where Ian's can be. Ex-librarian-at-heart, I have considered labeling all our books (yes, I have a label maker) with the Dewey decimal system and arranging them accordingly - is that beyond anal??? A little reminiscent of when my Dad picked out the article subjects of all the National Geographic magazines they had saved (like 20 years worth) and wrote a computer program to find the exact magazine based on subject. Hmmm...

Here's some pics from the last 2 weeks...

Ainsley pretending to poo in her new bathroom!

Dancing in her closet (like mother like daughter!!!)

The stone for our fireplace and front posts

Playing with best friend Payton


So picture Dean to the left of Ian and me to the right of Ainsley and that is how we spent that night - not a lot of room! King bed here we come!!!

Vaulted ceiling of master bedroom

Ainsley's frog friend

Basement bathroom

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